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Kiran is nine years younger than Aamir, but they have great understanding and they share the same passion for Cinema.

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“I believe that my case would have been totally preventable,” if Match had screened him in the first place, Markin tells Consumers Digest.

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It, you probably won't be surprised to find, isn't as great as I remember it, but it was a little trip down memory lane. Here's a few reasons to love/hate the movie Nadia.- Though set in Romania, where parts of it were obviously shot, all the actors bear a sort of dubious American accent with a hint of something identifiably foreign. Nah, they probably just thought we wouldn't read subtitles.-The younger Nadia is a heinous actor. Poor old dude, seeing this guy steal his daughter with his fancy gymnastics and champion talk.-The actress playing the baby Nadia had just the right nasally-whiney tones to stick the line "But I wanna be a champion" in your head for the rest of the day after hearing it.-The actress playing the older Nadia does actually does look a bit like Nadia Comaneci.-But the film Teodora is way cooler and prettier than the original Teodora and you can't help wondering how the real Teodora felt about the storyline about her always being in Nadia's shadow.-You've gotta love the heavily edited, not-even-nearly-perfect bars routine they use for Nadia's first ten.-It does actually attempt to convey a little bit of the upset in internal Romanian gymnastics politics that Bela Karolyi caused when he shifted the junior centre away from Deva.-The way they make Nadia look like a fatted pig stuffing herself before slaughter is kind of cruel.