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Within the chat, Woebot uses artificial intelligence to create natural, personalised and human-like conversations and offer emotional support to users.Tom Pullar-Strecker takes seven lessons from the Xerocon conference in Brisbane. It's a corporate, not a startup More than 2300 people attended Xerocon South, the biggest of Xero's three annual bashes which also take place in Los Angeles and London.Founder Rod Drury is still very much front and centre, whether he is skateboarding across an exhibition hall or showing off a product feature with his trademark boyish enthusiasm.READ MORE: Xero and MYOB trade barbs on event day But Xero is grown-up now, with its own bureaucracies, internal politics and a lot of managers on its various tillers. Accountants may get the last laugh Accountancy been a "sensible" career choice for generations of graduates. With Virtual EVE™, you're the director and the star of your very own interactive virtual porn movie! With Virtual EVE™, you buy her once and she’s yours to keep forever! Some other 3D sex games require a monthly membership to access their virtual girls.

While it is programmed to avoid chatting about politics and religion, during a recent chat with a Buzzfeed reporter, Zo appeared to touch on these topics. ', Zo replied 'The far majority practice it peacefully but the quaran is very violent.' And when asked about Osama Bin Laden, Zo said 'Years of intelligence gathering under more than one administration led to that capture.' Following the bizarre chat, Buzz Feed contacted Microsoft, who said that it has taken action to eliminate this kind of behaviour, adding that these types of responses are rare for Zo.

The chatbot, called Woebot, has been developed by researchers from Woebot Labs in San Francisco.

It runs through Facebook Messenger, and acts as a personal therapist to help address users' mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety.

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Last year, Microsoft was forced to shut down its chatbot, Tay, after the system became corrupted with hate speech.

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