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The likelihood of domestic violence varies widely depending on gender, race, education and income, as well as a series of psychographic characteristics such as sexual preference, substance abuse, history of family violence, and history of criminal activity. Source: Approximately 4 out of every 10 non-Hispanic Black women (43.7%), 4 out of every 10 American Indian or Alaska Native women (46.0%), and 1 in 2 multiracial non-Hispanic women (53.8%) have been the victim of rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime. Source: Practical Implications fo Current Domestic Violence Research: For Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and Judges, U. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institutes of Justice. The most common age when intimate partner violence is first experienced by women is age 18-24 (38.6%), followed by age 11-17 (22.4%), age 35-44 (6.8%) and age 45 (2.5%).These rates are 30%-50% higher than those experienced by Hispanic, White non-Hispanic women and Asian or Pacific non-Hispanic women. For men the most common age is age 18-24 (47.1%), followed by age 25-34 (30.6%), age 11-17 (15.0%), age 35-44 (10.3%) and age 45 (5.5%).), which causes me to abandon my pathetic attempt to fit in.

When you’re at one of Strictly Spanking New York’s bimonthly parties, something like this is merely observational. Information, sales area, exhibits on early settlement, maritime era and leather and textile industry. Open weekdays from 10AM to 4PM and weekends from 9AM to 5PM.Free.(All park facilities are closed on Thanksgiving, December 25th, and January 1st.) Essex National Heritage Area Follow the Essex Heritage Trails: Early Settlement, Maritime, and Industrial Trails through 34 communities.From earliest settlement through the nation's rise as a maritime power, to the early Industrial Revolution, Essex County offers an exciting American story.Inquire at the National Park Service Visitor Center for information.

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