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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot feat Juliet can cater to any venue or room.With an emphasis on fun, featuring upbeat hits of today , rocking dance numbers, sultry body movers, classic rock tunes and fist pumping anthems.Kristen conducts field experiments regularly, and has a hypnotherapy practice. The series featured a group of miners searching for gold in Oregon’s infamous Crescent Mine accompanied by 2 paranormal researchers, Luman and Patrick Doyle.The show saw a short 2 season stint and left Ghost Mine fans clamoring for more of their favorites like Luman.

While Cory is jealous of Shawn's prowess with girls, Shawn is likewise envious of Cory's burgeoning relationship with Topanga.The question is, will a few episodes on Ghost Hunters be enough to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the Ghost Mine fans?Luman certainly held her own with paranormal investigation legends like Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves and the God Father of paranormal TV, Jason Hawes.She's a helluva individual." But there is one strange tic…."She likes to use the bathroom while I'm in there." Why New York has love for him: "She could see the real in me. I've got long hair, and I've got Gucci earrings — at least two pair." What it's like to compete against his brother, Chance: "We have a saying: ‘Bros before hos.' No disrespect to women. So this is not new."ODDS OF WINNING: 2 1/2 out of 4 hearts TANGO (AKA Patrick S.

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