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When it comes to clothes, today’s men are sticking with the proven staples of guydom.

Between paying off student loans and cocktails, who has an extra 0 to blow on a pair of designer jeans when you can pick up a pair of 501’s on sale for under ?

I was single for so many years that no one bothered asking me anymore when I was getting married. Marriage is one of, if not the most important, decisions you will ever make; yet many folks take this life-changing decision lightly.

Nowadays the divorce rate exceeds fifty percent and until recent times who ever heard of a “starter marriage”? Don’t get married until you are absolutely certain that she is or you will pay a big price for your folly. Now, I’m not saying that when two people become partners in this fast paced modern world that it is always going to work out just fine. Shit happens and some of it hits you in the face when you least expect it.

Casual confidence, emotional intelligence, and timeless style are all hallmarks of a Guy’s Guy.

When it comes to suiting up, he dresses classically and comfortably, with just a nod to the latest styles without being overly trendy. It’s just part of an endless discussion of how we express our masculinity in today’s crazy world.

It’s much more effective to introduce yourself in person, like our friend Steve did all those years ago. They’ll tell you a lot about a woman and how she sees herself. Then, tuck that cell phone into your pocket, flash your best smile and make your approach.

Once you decide whom you want to meet, think of an open-ended conversation starter that requires a real answer, not a yes or no. This is the cardinal rule for connecting with women.

Life gets complicated, so unless you are a true risk taker, I suggest you do your homework and then think long and hard before getting married. Getting married to the right woman can be the best thing that ever happens to a guy. And when you find that special woman, you’ll breeze through my list of ten questions guys needs to ask themselves before getting married. Marriage means you are entering a partnership built on a bond built on love, trust and respect. Where do you want to live, work, play, vacation, travel, settle down and buy a home, and spend your sunset days together? This is usually an unspoken area, but in many ways for a guy, it becomes issue. If she’s going to invest her body, mind, and spirit in commune with you for what could be her entire life, she deserves to know what she’s getting into. Get the details about children out in the open before walking to the altar. You may not instantly forget shit they may have done, but it means that you don’t allow your partner’s behavior or your anger eat you up from the inside. By values, I’m referring to what you value you as people. Do you both care about this, or is she the only one who cares about clean water, feeding the poor, education, and health care.

A Guys’ Guy’s style is confident, understated, and transcends trends and fads.

But, even when working with the classics, a Guy’s Guy has to add some swagger to make them his own. He creates his own personal style whether he’s twenty-five or fifty-two.

Studies show that consumers in general have cut way back on clothing purchases since the Great Recession.

He evolves his look organically with both feet on the ground and his eyes on the prize.

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That doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to clean up and look great in a suit, a tux, or jeans and t-shirt—It simply means that a Guy’s Guy wears his clothes. Looking through that lens, I’ll riff on a few staples of today’s man’s wardrobe from a perspective that’s more classic than couture, more Varvatos than Versace, and more Levi’s than Gucci. With that bloated build up, it’s time to roll out the first installment of what I’m calling The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to "Guys’ Guy" Style.

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