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I can identify with Pakistani culture as well as the culture and traditions of the religion I was raised in but; I do enjoy a good whiskey, used to smoke like a chimney, I collect really rubbish songs on vinyl like Bruce Willis’ timeless classic “Respect Yourself”, I love to knit, I make a killer steak and kidney pie and, like many other women in the UK, karaoke bars are also my secret shame.You may say that I am as western as they come but I am still so proud of my heritage and the culture and tradition my parents brought me up in. Before you try to understand the hows and whys of Halal Dating, bring God into the equation. Unless you ask them what actually happens, they won't tell you. And since you are still reading, I'll explain as best I can. Okay now that we’ve lightened things up a bit with my mother’s use of the word ‘petting,” we’ve gotten to the juicy bits! Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, and sometimes Pakistan.

Out of the many book events I had the joy to attend in 2015, Pan Macmillan's Women's Fiction Party was one of my favourites and so I was thrilled to attend it again this year, this time with my Novelicious hat on.In terms of religion, you can probably guess by now that I am incredibly liberal.I have studied my religion and taken from it the salient points that I wish to live my life by and pass on to my children.' I nodded an eager yes as I recognised the title.Spoiler alert: it wasn't the book I was thinking of and so when I mumbled how much I loved reading it and how I knew nothing of the part of history it was based on, Diane probably thought I had never even read any of her books.

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